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From a year earlier, Asia's fourth-largest economy grew 2.
One of the rarest species, the Lulworth skipper, emerged on May 21, more than a month earlier than it was seen in 2013, when it first appeared on July 1.
18, earlier judicial emancipation, or earlier death.
But Councilman Greig Smith -- who along with Councilmen Bernard Parks and Dennis Zine opposed the measure -- said he does not believe that the new ordinance is significantly different from the earlier one.
But researchers worried that the earlier studies had flaws that made glucosamine and chondroitin look more effective than they really were.
Nonagricultural vegetation, such as trees, began to bud in the spring about 7 days earlier in cities than in nearby rural areas.
In the Kinki region of six prefectures centering on Osaka, the supply of condos in March fell 31% from a year earlier to 2,596 units, for the first decline in five months.
None of the earlier New Testament writings reflects dependency on the Similitudes, whereas later books, specifically Matthew, Revelation, and Jude (which has a direct quote from the Similitudes), have numerous parallels (see my The Human Being, pp.
Yet the bulk of Scott's study is comprised of her original interpretations of Baldwin's late novels against the backdrop of Baldwin's earlier writings and the existing body of Baldwin criticism.
Teenage males who expected earlier freedom from parental control were less motivated in school and more likely to be involved in drug use and high-risk sexual activity than teen males who expected less independence.
When I last reported to you in July, economic growth was just exhibiting initial signs of slowing from what had been an exceptionally rapid and unsustainable rate of increase that began a year earlier.
Only in recent years have scientific studies using radiography, infrared reflectography, and the chemical analysis of pigments provided information about the material nature of Velazquez's paintings that could not earlier have been discerned through even the most careful observation.
If it seems like newspapers are appearing on the doorsteps of America earlier than usual these days, don't be surprised.
The earlier period is seen as quaint, and most of his recent endeavors - flowers, dogs, landscapes - are shelved, somehow not worthy of contemplation, which is one meaning of "blue-chip.