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an earful

A lengthy reprimand or lecture. I got an earful from my mom once she heard about my speeding ticket. I gave that kid an earful after he dented my car.
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*an earful

Fig. a great amount of discussion, criticism, gossip, or complaint. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She was really mad about something, and I sure got an earful. Sue was standing around the corner while Jim and Mary were arguing and got an earful.
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get an earful

to have a lot to listen to His fans got quite an earful - several well-known pieces spiced up with new arrangements.
Usage notes: often said about criticism or unwanted suggestions: I got a very unpleasant earful from a truck driver who thought I was in his way.
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give somebody an earful

to tell someone how angry you are with them You can just imagine the earful he gave her when they got home.
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1. n. a tremendous amount of gossip. I can give you an earful about the mayor.
2. n. a scolding. Her mother gave her an earful when she finally got home.

give someone an earful

1. tv. to scold someone. Sally gave Sam an earful for the way he treated Mary.
2. tv. to tell someone surprising secrets. Willy gave Sally an earful about Todd’s tax problems.
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But it's clear he'll give an earful to anyone who dares ruffle his feathers.
Warnock was angry after referee Lee Mason awarded Derby a penalty when Nick Montgomery clearly challenged Leon Osman outside the area and he gave the Lancashire official an earful as he walked off at the end.
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