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eager beaver

One who is industrious and enthusiastic (perhaps annoyingly so). Give that big project to the new girl, she's a real eager beaver. Aren't you an eager beaver, getting to the office an hour early.
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eager beaver

someone who is very enthusiastic; someone who works very hard. New volunteers are always eager beavers. The young assistant gets to work very early. She's a real eager beaver.
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an eager beaver

someone who works very hard and is very eager to do things
Usage notes: A beaver is a small animal which people traditionally believe to be hard-working.
Who's the eager beaver who came in at the weekend to finish this work off?
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eager beaver

An exceptionally zealous person, one who habitually takes on more tasks or works harder than others. For example, Bill is a real eager beaver, always volunteering to stay late. This expression became especially popular during World War II, applied to recruits anxious to impress their commanding officers by such behavior. [First half of 1900s]
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n. a person who is very eager to do something. Rocko is an eager-beaver when it comes to collecting money for Mr. Big.
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Earlier this month, Head of Iran's Customs Administration Massoud Karbasian announced Tehran's eagerness to further develop trade and economic relations with Azerbaijan.
Children at ornton Lodge Nursery School are polite and have an eagerness for learning.
It is our eagerness to enter the North-Eastern part where we have not yet ventured.
DAVID James has revealed his eagerness to return to the England side against Ukraine this weekend after the frustration of missing the last five internationals through injury.
I, at the moment, do not have a strong eagerness over the presidential election,'' Okada said at a press conference at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo.
Such was the Old Etonian's eagerness to appear "with it", he decided it would be appropriate to swear.
Suleymanov said at the same time, 250,000 Azerbaijani citizens who were living in Armenia were expelled from their motherland, and the aim was to frighten the Azerbaijani people and shake their eagerness for independence.
I remember Gordon Brown's eagerness to bail out the bankswho promptly paid bonuses in millions of our taxpayers' money to their bosses.
21 September 2010, SPA -- A number of visitors of the exhibition on the Kingdom&'s Fantastic Antiquities over history, currently ongoing in Paris Louvre Museum, expressed admiration about the exhibition and eagerness to know more about Saudi Arabia&'s history.
Our eagerness to report has been matched by the eagerness from management of SSI and Tata to deliver and only a few days ago we were able to report a New Year resolution by Thai steel to get the job done.
In fact, my 7-year-old twin sons began second grade this fall with just that sense of nervous eagerness.
Cleage speaks of the eagerness with which young black girls would rush to television seats to listen and dream of their own futures whenever these icons appeared.
It's that his reverence for ballet is balanced by his eagerness to spoof it and his urge to explore outside its safe boundaries.
The cartoony and angular art style captures the eagerness of the young dog perfectly, in this upbeat astrological tale.
SHEHNAZ CASSIM, Joey Hasson and Junaid Moosa are sitting on the same couch and are jumping in on each other in their eagerness to tell me about Keeping Peace Alive (KPA).