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eager beaver

One who is industrious and enthusiastic (perhaps annoyingly so). Give that big project to the new girl, she's a real eager beaver. Aren't you an eager beaver, getting to the office an hour early.
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eager beaver

someone who is very enthusiastic; someone who works very hard. New volunteers are always eager beavers. The young assistant gets to work very early. She's a real eager beaver.
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an eager beaver

someone who works very hard and is very eager to do things
Usage notes: A beaver is a small animal which people traditionally believe to be hard-working.
Who's the eager beaver who came in at the weekend to finish this work off?
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eager beaver

An exceptionally zealous person, one who habitually takes on more tasks or works harder than others. For example, Bill is a real eager beaver, always volunteering to stay late. This expression became especially popular during World War II, applied to recruits anxious to impress their commanding officers by such behavior. [First half of 1900s]
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n. a person who is very eager to do something. Rocko is an eager-beaver when it comes to collecting money for Mr. Big.
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Eager is really the same as the one we are going with Mr.
Eager who forgot when he told us, or whether they have decided to leave Eleanor out altogether--which they could scarcely do--but in any case we must be prepared.
Also there were men boxing and wrestling, and huntsmen chasing swift hares with a leash of sharp-toothed dogs before them, they eager to catch the hares, and the hares eager to escape.
413-423) Then Cycnus, eager to kill the son of almighty Zeus, struck upon his shield with a brazen spear, but did not break the bronze; and the gift of the god saved his foe.
Newcastle players Paul Dummett and Sammy Ameobi sign autographs during the card swapping event at St James Park, with Nathan Eager, |10, and Adam Eager, 16, from Newcastle.
Eager followed his grandchildren's participation in sports in West Boylston and beyond.
Macfarlane and Eager have done some speculative process engineering work for seafood processing firms.
Recently described as "splendid" by The Times, Eager describes Welsh Sinfonia as "Wales' finest professional chamber orchestra players" and urges those who may not have experienced a classical music concert to come along.
For one night only you'll have the chance to hear possibly the world's three most famous composers, Handel, Haydn and Mozart, in the same concert," says Eager.
As the magazine counseled readers on consumer selections, it grew fat with the ad pages of companies eager to reach this captive and suggestible audience.
And after being a part of Europe's incredible last-day victory over the US in the Ryder Cup, McIlroy admits he is eager for more.
Eager and his team found that soft-edge trampoline designs reduce injuries to jumpers by 30-80 percent.
Eager completed his try brace early in the second period and with Owen Williams on song with the boot the visitors consolidated their position.
Without warning Eager grabbed at Mrs Mohammed's headgear and tried to pull it from her face, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
Starring Vince Eager with The Memphis Tones, Wee Willie Harris, Jimmy Gunner a Billy Fury Tribute and Coventry's own Eager Beavers.