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put your finger in the dyke

attempt to stem the advance of something undesirable which threatens to overwhelm you. informal
This expression stems from the story of a small Dutch boy who saved his community from flooding by placing his finger in a hole in a dyke.
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and dyke
n. a lesbian; a bulldiker. (Rude and derogatory.) Who’s the dike in the cowboy boots?


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Dykes and Westgate beat John Gallagher and Jonathan King 4&2, Davis and Gould also won and Evans and Matthews halved.
Attached is a photo of some of the 2006 organizing members of the San Francisco (emphasis added) Dykes on Bikes Women's Motorcycle Contingent.
Samples from the newly discovered Trill Offset Dyke consist of 1.
Basalt flows, dykes, and sills signify critical events on rifted margins and in the evolution of many sedimentary basins and, where they can be dated, allow time calibration of basin evolution.
Alinean has formed strategic partnerships with companies such as Dell, PeopleSoft, and HP and is growing rapidly, says Dykes.
Challenged by 66-year-old driver Charles Albert Poland, Dykes allegedly gunned him down and then dragged a boy, identified only by his first name of Ethan, from the vehicle to a storm shelter he had built underneath his nearby home.
In 2003, when a Wisconsin woman planned to launch a clothing line using the name Dykes on Bikes, the motorcycle group felt compelled to protect its name.
It will be the second visit ``down under'' for 24-year-old Dykes as he played in the same events in Australia two years ago.
Ryder gives credit to the Ontario Geological Survey staff in Kirkland Lake who found old drill logs from the property revealing two kimberlitic dykes drilled in 1982.
U-Pb geochronology and geologic significance of the two oldest known mafic dyke swarms on earth: 3659 Ma Inaluk dykes and 3490 Ma Tarssartoq dykes, southern west Greenland
Correlation in the southeast area requires more drilling as two different dykes were intersected.
Lesbians have never flocked to gay men's--Style bathhouses, but North American dykes are finally catching on to this oldest of traditions thanks to a slew of sensual, dyke-friendly saunas.
A NATMAP project in 1995 located at least eight so-called ultramafic lamprophyre dykes in the Cape Chidley area of northernmost Labrador and Nunavut.
7 kilometre long zone of continuous or semi-continuous kimberlitic dykes oriented along a north-northwest strike.