dying to know

dying to know (something)

Fig. very eager to know something. I'm just dying to know how your weekend went.
See also: dying, know
References in classic literature ?
I am dying to know, because you represent and express Society so well.
They say he is so agreeable in private life; I am dying to know him.
We didn't open it, but we are dying to know what he says," cried Jo, hugging her sister and offering the note.
cried Maria, the instant the door had closed; "and I am dying to know how you like him
He came home after his first day and I was dying to know how he'd got on.
A source said: "Jessie has had a wild showbiz life and would have told secrets people are dying to know.
And what everyone is dying to know is how is Anakin Skywalker finally drawn to the Dark Side, how does Amidala hide the birth of her two children (Luke and Leia) and what makes Yoda beat a hasty retreat to Dagobah?
Immediately, I am dying to know exactly what all her past sins have been, but it seems best not to ask.
It is the sleepless nights that are getting to me, it aches like toothache and I am dying to know what the problem is.
BQ: It would take one of us dying to know what that would be.
While we knew that both American socialite Paris Hilton and Lebanese actress Dolly Shahine fell victim to Galal's evil prank, we were dying to know the names of the other celebs on his hit list
AMAL Alamuddin's wedding to George Clooney is bound to tick all the boxes - and we're dying to know what's in this one.
We were dying to know exactly what he meant, so had a listen and The Razz almost choked, too, as we realised how heavily, er, "inspired" the song is by Calvin's No1 single, I'm Not Alone.
And if you're really dying to know, KRK's ' objection' over Jha's film being called Raajneeti is because the film reportedly shows Sonia Gandhi in a poor light.
Local councillor James Ronayne said: "The news has created a real buzz around the place with everyone dying to know who it is.