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dwell (up)on (someone or something)

1. To obsessively think or worry about something. Try not to dwell on this rejection, honey. There are plenty of other nice boys you can ask to the dance.
2. To inhabit a particular place or surface. I want to become a scientist and study the creatures that dwell upon other planets. That type of animal dwells exclusively on land.
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dwell (up)on someone or something

to remain on the [important] subject of someone or something for a long time. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I can't dwell upon this subject anymore. There is no need to dwell on Sarah further.
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dwell (up)on something

to live on something, such as the planet Earth. (Upon is more formal than on.) This is the largest turtle that dwells upon the earth. Many creatures dwell on this earth.
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dwell on

Also, dwell upon. Linger over; ponder, speak or write at length. For example, Let's not dwell on this topic too long; we have a lot to cover today. [c. 1500]
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dwell on

To think or talk about something to an excessive degree: The teacher dwelled on the subject of tardiness for several minutes.
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Improving light-middleweight Richard Williams, who impressed in his Commonwealth title victory over Canadian Tony Badea last month, will have no chance to dwell upon his triumph.
I dwell upon Gibson's essay because it is one of the most interesting in The City in African-American Literature, and because it points to a problem concerning the book's organization.
The author contrasts animal fear of death, which is always imminent, with the human propensity to dwell upon it, agonize over it, and encounter every peril with overwhelming visions of annihilation.
Mukherjee will also dwell upon credit flow to productive sectors as well as to priority sector.
Things then moved so speedily there wasn't time to dwell upon my condition and I had the operation on February 23rd.
And while the Boro chief admitted there were defensive negatives to come out of the 11-goal Central Midlands League clash, it was the positives he wanted to dwell upon.
SteveMcClaren got the nod ahead of the Irishman but O'Neill refuses to dwell upon the setback of missing out on the chance to succeed Sven Goran Eriksson and is focused on revitalising the fortunes of the 1982 European champions after being unveiled last week.
These are the images, naturally, that Sir Albert and his colleagues would like voters to dwell upon.
A point all my recent correspondents, angered by the comparison a fortnight ago between the telly programme One Foot In The Grave and Old Trafford, might like to dwell upon for a moment.
Unfortunately, rather than stranding a bunch of stars in a remote, exotic locale and letting them bicker with one another, ``Celebrity Castaway'' focuses on but one solitary celebrity with nothing to dwell upon but the camera crew tailing his or her every movement and utterance.
Whether or not it's fatally injured me as a politician, I'll dwell upon that.
This life could be a wonderful life No need to dwell upon personal strife
It was one issue they didn't dwell upon during the election campaign, but no amount of creative accounting will solve a shortage of money.
The Swede preferred last night to dwell upon the positive slant on what has been a largely negative and unfulfilling season at Highfield Road; that at least he is now seven months further up the learning curve than when he inherited control following Gordon Strachan's dismissal last September.