duty bound to

duty bound to do something

required to do something Investigators are duty bound to find out what happened and make a report.
See also: bound, duty
References in classic literature ?
Presently the trader coughed in an embarrassed manner as though there was something on his mind he felt in duty bound to say, but hated to.
Joe considered himself in duty bound to taste the latter species of strong beer, but his palate, although accustomed to gin and whiskey, could not withstand the strength of the new beverage, and he had to make a horrible grimace, which his dusky friends took to be a benevolent smile.
Feeling himself in duty bound to offer a copy of each volume, bound in red morocco, to Monsieur Rabourdin, he always came in full dress to present them,-- breeches and silk stockings, and shoes with gold buckles.
I am duty bound to serve my voters with commitment and zeal he added.
We expect the Armed Forces to put their lives on the line so, as a country, we are duty bound to care for them.
There seems to be a ridiculous assumption that when somebody calls someone else, they are duty bound to answer the call.
McDowall, who took over from Ally McCoist in December was asked if he was duty bound to play them and replied: "Yes".
I'm sure Cheryl has her fans but I feel duty bound to ask ITV one question.
These teams will be duty bound to address the complaints of passengers on the spot in terminals and lounges during rush hours and flight operation.
The Foreign Ministry believes it is seriously duty bound to legally defend national interests with high sensitivity against enemies' measures in cyber space," the top Iranian diplomat said in a meeting with Head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization General Gholam Reza Jalali on Monday, the Islamic republic news agency reported.
According to BBC, under the terms of Suarez's deal, the club is duty bound to consider any offer for him in excess of 40 million pounds and then inform the 26-year-old of it but they do not have to sell and have now rejected two bids from Arsenal.
She probably wanted to say something completely different but is duty bound to keep her private thoughts to herself.
Maria's away and Roy, who finds Tony collapsed in the street and gives him first aid, feels duty bound to stay with him in hospital.
HAVING complained about the gritters being in the wrong places last week I feel in duty bound to congratulate them this morning.
Sat on a plane bound for South Africa the Wasps chief allowed himself a solitary toast to mark his side's achievement but as Wales' trusted lieutenant, Edwards felt duty bound to underline his commitment to the Grand Slam champions for their Test series against the Springboks.