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dusty miller

Any of several low-growing plants that have fuzzy stems and leaves. I think I've got a dusty miller growing in my backyard.
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not so dusty

Fairly or passably good; acceptable or adequate. Primarily heard in UK. We had a cricket team of our own when I was a young lad; we weren't so dusty, either.
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a dusty answer


a dusty reply

If you ask for something or suggest something and you get a dusty answer or a dusty reply, you receive an unpleasant and negative answer. He asked three times to speak to the king, but each time received a dusty answer. Ask a world-class sportsman to spend several hours testing your product and you are likely to receive a dusty reply.
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a dusty answer

a curt and unhelpful reply. British
The source of this expression is probably a passage in George Meredith's Modern Love ( 1862 ): ‘Ah, what a dusty answer gets the soul when hot for certainties in this our life!’
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not so dusty

(of a person's health or situation) fairly good. British informal, dated
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a dusty ˈanswer

(old-fashioned, British English) an unhelpful or a sharp response to a request or question: When I asked the company what their policy was on this matter, I received a very dusty answer.
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1. n. a very large pair of buttocks. (Use with caution.) What an enormous duck-butt!
2. and dusty butt n. a short person, especially someone with large buttocks. (Rude and derogatory.) The duck-butt who just came in reminds me of somebody I once knew.

dusty butt

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n. the posterior; the buttocks. (see also duster.) I almost kicked him in the rusty-dusty.
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Sadly, however,his name is unknown to me, though the triangular bags with his black tubes poking dustily from one corner remain unforgettable.
General dustily fossicks through "the driest little bones of antiquity, and bolting them without any human visitings--like a Ghoule in gloves" (p.
Peak upon peak, brown, dustily gold, crowded, sharp juttings, razorbacks, angular undulations, so many we seem not to move above them, confusion of multitudinous upthrust forms, pushing against one another, surging.