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In addition, we've accomplished things that provide us more information about dusters -a duster registry--which we referred to in the paper.
The roster of newly improved products includes Swiffer Dry Cloths, Swiffer Dusters and Swiffer WetJet Solution.
In most cases, items such as knuckle dusters and throwing stars are brought in by teenagers keen to impress their friends.
Meanwhile the Duster is being billed as the SUV for supermini money and PS8,995 will secure buyers a two-wheel drive version, while the all-wheel drive model becomes the UK's most affordable new 4x4 at PS10,995.
Dust it assic Three classic Lancashire dusters, Lakeland, PS6.
Asthma Foundation Approves Standards for Dry Dusters and Allergen Reducer Sprays, Certifies New Cleaning Products
For 2015, all Dusters benefit from a package of styling and trim upgrades.
Officially Dusters have a three-star Euro NCAP rating but UK versions have added safety features which, if they had been tested, would have given them a four-star rating.
Production of right-hand drive Dusters was originally at the Dacia plant in India but is now in Romania.
The One Use Neck Duster will be easily disposable after use and will insure barbers comply with laws and regulations concerning neck dusters.
Renault bought Dacia in 1999 - after Dacia had built several Renault cars under licence for some years - and although most Dusters destined for Europe will be built in Romania, those for the UK are built in the Renault-Nissan factory at Chennai in India.
5,362 Dusters sold in April as Amaze hits the 4,852 mark
Even though it's a machine, it looks like Dusters have needs as if it were alive, which is good in a market segment like the automotive, which can be rather cold.