dust off

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dust someone off

Sl. to punch or beat someone. We dusted them off one by one. We had to dust off all those big guys. dust someone or something off to wipe or brush the dust off someone or something. Dust this vase off and put it on the shelf. Please dust off this vase.
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dust something off

also dust off something
to make something usable after it has not been used for a long time It's a good time to dust off your resume and see if you can get some work. Byrne dusted off some of the band's classics in Tuesday's concert.
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dust yourself off

to prepare yourself to continue doing something you unexpectedly stopped doing Everyone wonders if the nation can dust itself off after the disaster.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of dusting yourself off (cleaning dirt off yourself) after you fall
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dust off

1. Restore to use. For example, I've dusted off last year's menu for the party. This usage alludes to cleaning and thereby renewing some object. [Mid-1900s]
2. Pitch a baseball dangerously close to the batter's head, as in I'm sure he dusted him off on purpose. [Slang; 1920s]
3. Finish off, kill; also, easily defeat. For example, They vowed to dust off the old man, or We'll dust off this team in no time. [Slang; c. 1940]
4. Thrash, beat up, as in If he didn't hand over his wallet, they threatened to dust him off. [Slang; 1920s]
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dust off

1. To remove dust from something or someone by brushing or wiping: I dusted off the old trunk in the attic. We picked up the antiques and dusted them off.
2. To restore something to use: The mechanic dusted off that old engine and sold it. I dusted off last year's winter coat and put it on.
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Dr Chantal Nicholls, representing the Health and Safety Executive, which brought the prosecution, told the court that the hoses had been incorrectly used at the firm for blowing dust off workers' clothes.
while the caregiver is assisting a resident with his bathing, dressing and so on, he or she may also be able to perform other duties, rather than having to call someone to dust off a countertop or clean a bathroom.
The editors promise to be fair and thorough, their evaluators will be anonymous lest a pulpit orator, spotting an invigilator in the congregation, might quickly dust off an effort that won praise in the past.
So, put your best dress on or dust off your old tuxedo and join the party while you still can.
Fall is the perfect time of year to fire up the crock-pots and dust off those cold-weather recipes.
the dedusting regenerative lines will be added as well dust off conveyor belts.
Perhaps I could dust off part of the response you were kind enough to print last time.
A COVENTRY pub is hoping guests will dust off their rambling boots in a bid to raise funds for the National Trust.
OLDER folk in Sandwell are being urged to dust off their dancing shoes and make their way to West Bromwich Town Hall, in the High Street, for a special tea dance next week.
Another disadvantage is that Angels pitchers will have to dust off their bats and see if they can at least make themselves useful by laying down a bunt.
Other winners suggested using the canned gas to dust off dashboard vents, grooves in wood-working projects, telescope mirrors, collectibles on shelves, scale models, cloth mini-blinds and lint-clogged sewing machine parts.
Warmed gases stream toward colder regions, and this wind lifts more dust off the ground, further heating the atmosphere.
After 26 years it's blowing the dust off one of its most fabled badges.