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down in the dumps

unhappy She's down in the dumps because all her friends are out of town.
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in the dumps

not successful The movie business remains in the dumps, perhaps because of the huge increase in ticket prices.
Usage notes: often said about a lack of financial success
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be down in the dumps

to be unhappy Things hadn't been going so well for her at work and she was feeling a bit down in the dumps.
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down in the dumps

Also, down in the mouth. Discouraged, depressed, or sad, as in She's been down in the dumps ever since she lost the match, or What's wrong with him? He's so down in the mouth about everything. The noun dumps has been used for "a state of depression" since the early 1500s, and down in the mouth, alluding to the downturned corners of the mouth as a sign of misery, dates from the mid-1600s.
See also: down, dumps
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The Srar dump currently accepts 400 tons of waste daily.
The value of glass dumps has declined somewhat in recent years.
Currently, wastes cannot be re-exported after 30 days, so many exporters simply dump them at ports.
DCNR works in partnership with PA CleanWays to identify dump sites and to form community volunteer teams to help remove the waste.
Under current laws those convicted of running an illegal dump face fines of up to pounds 10 million as well as jail terms of up to 10 years.
It turned out, says Friloux, that truckloads of benzine and other chemicals had been shipped to the Campbell Wells dump site and mixed in with the other waste from the oil rigs offshore.
Juneau from 1984 to 1988, says he had to dump empty paint cans, solvents, and other waste that should have been disposed of ashore.
Especially since policy-makers still know relatively little about the effects of living with hazardous waste dumps.
Aero chose to work with Poly Hi Solidur, because based on Aero's extensive market research, the QuickSilver(R) and DuraPro(TM) dump liners were clearly perceived as the industry's best.
The Valley, home to the largest urban garbage dump in America.
Criminals who take advantage of lax controls to illegally dump toxic waste place local populations at serious risk.
The scientists decided to examine this colony because of its proximity to three refuse dumps.
5 million Bridgestone/Firestone tires, and further recalls anticipated, environmental and health concerns have been raised about the tires reaching tire dumps.
Owner Browning Ferris Industries says that in creating one of the largest dumps in the nation, it could run the landfill more efficiently, with one set of equipment, one daily disposal area and one code of rules governing operations.