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dig in (one's) heels

To cling stubbornly to one's beliefs or wishes. Please let me tell my side of the story before you dig in your heels on this, OK? Well, I told Grace she can't go, and now she's dug in her heels as if this party is the most important thing in her life.
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dig (one's) own grave

To do something that has or will have negative consequences that are easily able to be foreseen. If you don't turn in your project, you're digging your own grave. There's no way you'll get a decent grade without it! I'm afraid I'm digging my own grave by turning down the promotion.
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A local beneficiary from this dug well said that there was great shortage of drinking water and now women folk of the area also carrying drinking water at night time.
This is most noticeable in early spring, when growth on undug soil is generally faster by comparison with dug soil, whose fertility, in terms of soil life, is still recovering from the winter digging.
The little-known hobby of 'bottle digging' has seen up to six foot deep holes dug on public land to uncover a huge haul of bottles and other items dating back to the Victorian period.
There are another 23 oil wells, being excavated by a leading contractor, along with international service companies, as sub-contractors for the International INAI, Axcel, Lock-Oil Companies, as well as 15 wells being dug through cooperation with Halliburton Company in southern Iraq's Majnoun Oil Field," Yassiri said.
If you are preparing the bed to plant trees, shrubs or perennials, you can just leave it when you've dug it over.
However, the beds are likely to have been dug deeply when they were first created.
The fossils that a few dozen other people and I dug up will help scientists understand more about what this ancient environment was like and what types of animals and plants lived there.
The small shelf that we've dug into the hillside can barely accommodate all the dig-team members who want to get in on the action.
Dug, I hear you bleed occasionally when you're singing.
dug will allow men to finally have the ability to wear their favorite down time clothing around the house, as well as venture outside in the same outfit.
The DUG website is the central gathering point for the Dynamo user community," explained Tom McFadyen, President, McFadyen Consulting, "Creating and managing the DUG site is an honor for McFadyen Consulting.
They can literally be dug over in late spring and planted immediately.
In early April of 2000, a bed of five feet by 10 feet was double dug using the method of Jeavons and Cox in The Sustainable Vegetable Garden, Ten Speed Press, 1999.
Then I dug the real high priest, in shades and another tam, looking past all of us into the hipnopocity of everything, Monk.
Namco Offers a Twist on a Classic with Dig Dug REMIX