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up the duff

Pregnant. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. You two have only been married for a couple of months, I can't believe you're up the duff already! I was pretty wild during my university years, which is how I found myself up the duff at 22.
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be up the duff

  (British & Australian informal)
to be pregnant Oh, don't tell me Kylie's up the duff again!
See also: duff, up


n. the buttocks. Don’t you get tired of sitting around on your duff?
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Hilary Duff has released her new music video titled "Chasing the Sun" and it has gone viral on YouTube with 4,214,181 views as of this writing.
NEW YORK, April 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Duff & Phelps Corporation , a leading provider of independent financial advisory and investment banking services, today announced that it has published the 2008 Risk Premium Report.
Where she exploited its molten possibilities to achieve an effect of random expression and involuted pathos, Duff finds delicate transcendence in its icy luminosity, often giving it colored tones that make the fiberglass seem as soft as the tones appear, however inflexible it actually is.