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After its first duck commercial aired in January 2000, Aflac rose virtually overnight from an unknown company to become one of the most recognized brands of insurance today.
At the Gartner Open Source Summit, Black Duck (booth C) will discuss the benefits of a full enterprise software compliance management platform.
0, Black Duck is unveiling a completely new AJAX-based user interface that provides a visual representation of the work steps involved in software compliance management.
Hunters looking to maximize their time in a duck blind or a dove field might want to consider booking a package hunt in Mexico.
Lee Fogle brings us a depth of sales experience that will help Duck Creek continue our rapid growth," said CEO Doug Roller.
As chairman of Duck Creek's Board of Directors, Wilson will work closely with Duck Creek's management team in both the planning and execution of Duck Creek's business strategy.
Black Duck Software(R) is the leading provider of software compliance management solutions that help companies govern how software assets are created, managed, and licensed.
With his two-plus decades of experience, Rex will provide a valuable contribution toward Duck Creek's continued growth and supporting the increasing market demand for the EXAMPLE Platform.
The incorporated signature data for commercial products is derived from a data set obtained by Black Duck from the U.
We did a lot of work with the ponds and cover this summer and it should result in better duck shooting on the refuge,'' said Adolfo Hernandez, habitat supervisor for the state-managed wildlife refuge.
The Duck brand offers an array of tapes, packaging supplies and home products that provide simple, imaginative and helpful solutions for a variety of tasks around the home, school and office.
Doug Levin, founder and CEO of Black Duck Software, said: "Black Duck offers the only true software compliance management solution--one that allows developers, executives, lawyers and other team members to work together to bring to market software that is in full compliance with hundreds of complicated licenses.
We will leverage his knowledge and experience as Black Duck continues to grow rapidly in North America and expand its presence in global markets.
Black Duck is in the path of the most dominant trends in software today," said Steven P.