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dub something in

to mix a new sound recording into an old one. The actor messed up his lines, but they dubbed the correct words in later. They dubbed in his lines.
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dub something over

to record a replacement sound over another sound in a recording. They had dubbed over all the dialog in the movie. It doesn't matter if you say a word wrong on the tape. We can dub it over.
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flub the dub

Inf. to fail to do the right thing. Martin is flubbing the dub with the fund-raising campaign. Please don't flub the dub this time.
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double saw(buck)

and double and dub
n. a twenty-dollar bill. (see also sawbuck.) This whole thing only cost a double sawbuck. Can you loan me a dub?
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1. tv. & in. to duplicate something; to copy something. Dub this and keep a copy yourself.
2. n. a duplicate; a copy. The dub was so poor we couldn’t understand the dialogue.
3. Go to double saw(buck).


and dubya-dubya-dubya
n. double-u, double-u, double-u, the letters WWW found in World Wide Web addresses. (The second version is merely a colloquial pronunciation of double-u, and neither is commonly written or printed.) Our address is dub-dub-dub dot reindeer dot com.

flub the dub

tv. to fail to do the right thing. Martin is flubbing the dub with the fund-raising campaign.
See also: dub, flub
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The KFCC, along with the Karnataka Television Association ( KTVA) and Karnataka Film Producers' Association ( KFPA) were of the view that dubbed movies would harm the local culture and hit Kannada movies that have a restricted market and fight for screens with films of other languages.
28,500-$113,700) as a standard price range for a feature film dubbed over in Italian -- that's a lot of money to lay out with no guarantee on return.
But if you know someone is speaking English and it's dubbed into Welsh, it sounds odd.
Recent Hubble images show that several house-size fragments generated by the breakup of one of the larger chunks, dubbed B, are being pushed in the direction opposite to the sun.
And you might add a peculiar "sense" of history and harmony, of Teutonic heritage and bourgeois privacy, as provided by such recent successes as Rainer Kaufmann's Die Apothekerin, a stiff tale about a murderous woman surrounded by men who fall victim to her deadly charm, and Joseph Vilsmaier's Comedian Harmonists, the bittersweet story of Germany's "first boy group," as they've been dubbed, of the '20s and '30s.
The first successful implementation of Disk Performance Calibration, dubbed Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST(TM)), has just come out of Diskeeper Corporation's new technology laboratory.
Meanwhile, filmmaker Rajendra Singh Babu, who is in favour of dubbing, has said that the choice of accepting or rejecting a dubbed film should be given to the audience.
When the buyer is willing to dub, most likely the distributor is not able to reacquire the dubbed version because many stations tend to brand it.
This summer, the FBI started hunting a similar robber dubbed ``The Senior Citizen Bandit.
Dubbed & Dangerous mixes high-octane martial arts fight scenes with comedy, including the dubbed part which sees all the actors speaking their lines out of sync, giving it a Hong Kong martial arts film look.
Dubbed Archaeoraptor, the purported find was unveiled by the National Geographic Society in October 1999.
Effecting a seamless passage from one to the other, he turns what Pasolini dubbed "cinema with a certain realism" on its head: reality no longer seeps into film, rather the filmic image has become a generative element of reality.
This English film was initially dubbed in Punjabi and titled Hai Mar Java.
She criticized the methods used for dubbing, saying dubbed content often "ends up being in a neutral Spanish that the people are not accustomed to hearing.