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dub something in

to mix a new sound recording into an old one. The actor messed up his lines, but they dubbed the correct words in later. They dubbed in his lines.
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dub something over

to record a replacement sound over another sound in a recording. They had dubbed over all the dialog in the movie. It doesn't matter if you say a word wrong on the tape. We can dub it over.
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flub the dub

Inf. to fail to do the right thing. Martin is flubbing the dub with the fund-raising campaign. Please don't flub the dub this time.
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double saw(buck)

and double and dub
n. a twenty-dollar bill. (see also sawbuck.) This whole thing only cost a double sawbuck. Can you loan me a dub?
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1. tv. & in. to duplicate something; to copy something. Dub this and keep a copy yourself.
2. n. a duplicate; a copy. The dub was so poor we couldn’t understand the dialogue.
3. Go to double saw(buck).


and dubya-dubya-dubya
n. double-u, double-u, double-u, the letters WWW found in World Wide Web addresses. (The second version is merely a colloquial pronunciation of double-u, and neither is commonly written or printed.) Our address is dub-dub-dub dot reindeer dot com.

flub the dub

tv. to fail to do the right thing. Martin is flubbing the dub with the fund-raising campaign.
See also: dub, flub
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This line-up released the album Live As One, with which Zion Train won the Jamaican Reggae Grammy 2007 for Best Dub Recording.
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Keith Hudson Pick A Dub (Jah Live 1974) Might just be the first album where each track was mixed for the specific purpose of being placed on a "dub album.
For this reason, it has attracted a following not just of older dub reggae and ska fans, but a whole new younger crowd, drawn in by the electronic elements.
Subsequently, says Eames, at the "nagging" of her older sister, Joyce Ross, to start a similar book dub, a few Baltimore women met in the Ross home and formed the dub.
Materials like titanium have eaten away at the market persimmon once dominated because titanium makes for a lighter, yet larger dub head.
The gig will take place at The Moo Bar, Russell Street, and the Two-Tone hero will perform two songs, including Problem Is, a ska track he recorded with The Dub Pistols.
A concert on Saturday will mark the culmination of three days of workshops between Asian Dub Foundation and members of CoMusica, a scheme to help two to 18-year-olds.
In 1993, Asian Dub Foundation--by far the most outwardly radical group portrayed here--formed around a series of community music workshops.
A diagnosis of DUB was made in 18 (53%) of the patients.
Adds Coles, "We formed this dub to do smart investing so that we could build a nest egg for ourselves, our children and our families.
While leaving off only five tracks from that trilogy, the collection includes plenty of extended versions, a couple of B sides, a pair of unreleased dub mixes, and two outtakes, plus the import-only 12-inch mix of 1985's "Slave to the Rhythm" (an unrelated.
VOXX Electronics Corp (VEC), today announced that its Jensen DUB Edition brand has joined other industry leaders in the transformation of a Jeep Wrangler for a great cause
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When the buyer is willing to dub, most likely the distributor is not able to reacquire the dubbed version because many stations tend to brand it.