dry off

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dry someone or something off

to remove the moisture from someone or something. Please dry your feet off before coming in. Dry off your feet before you come in here!
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And new versions of more traditional gear help you see better and stay warmer while swimming, and dry off more efficiently when finished.
Those who dry off and do something about it make their ideas a reality," said Nolan Bushnell, CEO of uWink.
DRY off begonia and gloxinia tubers to rest them for the winter.
Retrieve it from the water immediately, remove the battery and the SIM card and dry off surface water with a kitchen towel.
Bring in wooden garden furniture and dry off prior to repainting or treating with preservative.
If the standard 60-pound dog had to rely on evaporation alone to dry off, he would have to spend a quarter of his daily calories to get rid of the water, Hu said.
He added: "Before the days of complicated electronics, it was usually possible to dry off spark plugs, HT leads and distributor cap with a handkerchief and continue your journey with little delay.
Leave the onions on the surface of the soil to dry off and ripen further, which will help with storage.
A spokesman for Aberdeen Coastguard said: "Pip was quite shaken but just wanted to get home and dry off by the fire.
You may only be going away for a couple of days, but what do you take to cope with unpredictable weather when there's nowhere to dry off and you still need to look good?
Because the anhinga lacks oil glands, its feathers can become waterlogged, and it has to dry off before it can fly.
That was a military reservation then, and a patrol had him in custody before he could dry off.
I am only now beginning to dry off my begonia corms that were lifted about ten days ago.
Does your mate dry off before or after getting out of the shower?
Finally, cars can dry off in a unique wind tunnel before rolling onto a special turntable that showcases their sparkling appearance.