drum into

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drum something into someone

 and drum something into someone's head; drum something in
Fig. to teach someone something intensely. Her mother had drummed good manners into her. She drummed in good manners day after day.
See also: drum

drum something into somebody

to teach something to someone by frequent repetition Firefighters rely on training that's drummed into them through repeated exercises.
See also: drum
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What would my fellow drummers make of me, a middle-aged white woman who, however musical, had never been near a drum in her life?
Lauren McWorter, a junior at Hart High School who plays center snare drum in the award-winning Hart Regiment, will precede the seven-member herald trumpet section Monday as it makes its way down Pasadena's Colorado Boulevard.
The drum is not so big as that of Stockholm public library, nor of course is it contained within a quadratic base; the square windows high up on the Stockholm plinth are transferred to the drum in Malmo, as is the great tall rectangular glazed entrance.
Welex currently makes that drum in one size of 40 in.
It's not 'Throw a blue drum in a box with another blue drum and out the door,''' Lombardi said.