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Ms Smith hopes it will cut the thefts and burglaries carried out by druggies to fuel their habit.
Has anyone ever thought what the troops have to go through in Iraq and also the firefighters and the paramedics when they are under attack from druggies or drunks or whatever?
See "Smuggler's Dues" in our April 28, 1997 issue, and "Dealing With Druggies," in our June 22, 1998 issue.
This is not because druggies make better reporters (though who knows?
Using real prisoners in real jails, the show chronicled the decline and fall of real druggies.
He also traveled around the US, and The Waterfront Journals is ostensibly the transcriptions of forty-five one-sided conversations he had with fellow drifters, hustlers, druggies, and lost souls along the way.
How much more alluring it was to attend conferences on voluntarism and the independent sector than to minister to the needs of drunks and druggies who practice loathsome hygiene.
Druggies who persist in having kids should have their tubes tied or their babies removed at birth.
They said that it has really gone downhill, due to druggies, hoodies and drinkers on our streets.
Housing allocation staff are giving properties to druggies and alcoholics.
It's understandable for the council to want to reassure the public that it's not a pack of wild druggies.
McGough's poem, Reasons For Winning, urges the England squad to win the tournament for, among others, David Beckham's sons, nurses, saddoes and druggies.
The police must be exhausted trying to control the situation but they are powerless to really deal with the trouble night after night with drunks and druggies causing mayhem.
And Silla, who is in constant pain from arthritis and back problems, was not afraid to tackle druggies personally.
Fencing has been broken and the place was littered with needles, syringes and foil used by druggies.