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drive the porcelain bus

To vomit profusely into the toilet, usually as the result of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. John was driving the porcelain bus for the rest of the night after his seventh tequila shot.
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drive (one's) pigs to market

To snore. I can't get any sleep with Will driving his pigs to market every night—I think it's time for him to see a doctor about his snoring.
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bring someone or something out in droves

Fig. to lure or draw out people or other animals in great number. The availability of free drinks brought people out in droves. The fresh grass sprouts brought the deer out in droves.
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in droves

Fig. in large numbers. (See also be out in droves.) The settlers arrived on the prairie in droves.
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*out in large numbers

 and *out in droves
Fig. in evidence in some large amount. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~.) The sidewalk salesmen are out in droves today. The ants were out in large numbers at the picnic.
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drive the porcelain bus

See also: bus, drive, porcelain
References in classic literature ?
That's how that thief of a sage, my enemy, can alter and falsify things," answered Don Quixote; "thou must know, Sancho, that it is a very easy matter for those of his sort to make us believe what they choose; and this malignant being who persecutes me, envious of the glory he knew I was to win in this battle, has turned the squadrons of the enemy into droves of sheep.
But in all the wild tumult he noticed, and never forgot, the wicked, set little eye - something like a circus elephant's eye - of a whale that drove along almost level with the water, and, so he said, winked at him.
The Eaters of Flesh had fallen back and left an open path to the south, and drove upon drove of buck fled along it.
you have not seen a drove of Nithsdale raiders on their Galloway nags, or you would not speak of loving them.
Him mighty Heracles slew in sea-girt Erythea by his shambling oxen on that day when he drove the wide-browed oxen to holy Tiryns, and had crossed the ford of Ocean and killed Orthus and Eurytion the herdsman in the dim stead out beyond glorious Ocean.
After this, he took another blow at the horn by way of refreshment; and, having now exhausted his usual topics of conversation, folded his arms as well as he could in so many coats, and falling into a solemn silence, looked carelessly at the familiar objects which met his eye on every side as the coach rolled on; the only things he seemed to care for, being horses and droves of cattle, which he scrutinised with a critical air as they were passed upon the road.
A carload of drovers, too, in the midst, on a level with their droves now, their vocation gone, but still clinging to their useless sticks as their badge of office.
See, now," he said, striking right and left, as if to make sure, "down there a burn is running; and at the head of it there stands a bit of a small hill with a stone cocked upon the top of that; and it's hard at the foot of the hill, that the way runs by to Torosay; and the way here, being for droves, is plainly trodden, and will show grassy through the heather.
By order, our comrade means whether they go in promiscuous droves, like a swarm that is following its queen-bee, or in single file, as you often see the buffaloes trailing each other through a prairie.
They believed that foreigners had no independent spirit, as never being escorted to the poll in droves by Lord Decimus Tite Barnacle, with colours flying and the tune of Rule Britannia playing.