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drive the porcelain bus

To vomit profusely into the toilet, usually as the result of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. John was driving the porcelain bus for the rest of the night after his seventh tequila shot.
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drive (one's) pigs to market

To snore. I can't get any sleep with Will driving his pigs to market every night—I think it's time for him to see a doctor about his snoring.
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bring (someone or something) out in droves

To entice many people or animals to gather or come to a place. (A "drove" is a large number of people or animals moving together.) The owner of the car dealership is optimistic that slashing prices will bring people out in droves.
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bring someone or something out in droves

Fig. to lure or draw out people or other animals in great number. The availability of free drinks brought people out in droves. The fresh grass sprouts brought the deer out in droves.
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in droves

Fig. in large numbers. (See also be out in droves.) The settlers arrived on the prairie in droves.
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*out in large numbers

 and *out in droves
Fig. in evidence in some large amount. (*Typically: be ~; Come ~.) The sidewalk salesmen are out in droves today. The ants were out in large numbers at the picnic.
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drive the porcelain bus

See also: bus, drive, porcelain