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Ms Stones told the court: "I found some mouse droppings in one corner underneath the chip fryers, there were quite a few droppings there.
Tharan Bairing, prosecuting at Birmingham Magistrates' Court yesterday, said mouse droppings were found straight away in a food hygiene inspection.
The bacterial dust from pigeon droppings can enter your home through AC units and contaminate food and cooking surfaces causing diseases like salmonella.
Artist Kerry Morrison laid manuscript sheets on the ground in Liverpool parks and let birds deposit their droppings, while composer Jon Hering has transformed the bum notes into a full musical score.
A letter sent to the school after the May 24 inspection reads: "Upon commencing a physical inspection of the kitchen and storeroom the officer immediately found significant accumulations of mouse droppings throughout.
If it is practical and safe to dismount and kick the droppings aside, a rider could choose to do so.
Pandas at the Chengdu Research Base produce about 200 tons of droppings a year.
Environmental health officer Caroline Wade told a hearing at Birmingham Magistrates' Court that she had found mouse droppings on a stainless steel preparation table.
No accumulated bird or bat droppings within facility buildings nor bird or bat roosting sites on the golf course were evident.
Built to survive Japanese bombs and missile attacks the Intrepid was having serious trouble surviving bird droppings," said Phil Waldorf, president of Bell Environmental Services.
Researchers in Spain have found a species of insect larvae that pass through the guts of migrating birds and emerge in the birds' droppings, unharmed.
He and a colleague examined droppings in a salt marsh roosting site of waterbirds called black-tailed godwits.
For centuries Japanese geishas have used processed bird droppings to lighten and smooth their skin.
But the vast majority are allergic to something in their environment--pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander or cockroach droppings.
Bat droppings fall to the floor of the cave where millions of guano beetles eat the droppings as their food.