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drop a bollock

vulgar slang To mess something up; to make a particularly egregious error. Primarily heard in UK. That new intern is totally useless, he's always dropping a bollock on important projects. That player really dropped a bollock during the match yesterday.
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drop a brick

1. To unintentionally say or do something embarrassing, tactless, or indiscreet; to commit some social faux pas or mistake. Primarily heard in UK. I dropped a brick on our first date by ordering veal, only realizing later that he's a staunch animal rights advocate.
2. To announce a particularly surprising, alarming, or upsetting piece of news. An alternative form of "drop a bombshell." Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Mary dropped a brick when she told me she was moving to France next week. I'm about to drop a brick on my parents by telling them that I'm going to quit law school and pursue a career in art.
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drop anchor

To let down the anchor to secure a ship. We've been sailing all day, and here seems like a good enough spot to drop anchor, don't you think?
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drop (one) a line

To contact someone, usually with a letter, note, or phone call. I know you'll be busy enjoying yourself, but please, drop me a line on your trip. I'll drop you a line once I get settled in at school.
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drop like flies

To succumb to a particular problem, often an illness. This phrase is typically only used when more than one person has been adversely affected. Now that the flu is going through our school, people are dropping like flies.
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drop the mic

1. To dramatically drop one's microphone (or, often, to mimic such a motion) after a particularly decisive or impressive performance, action, or statement. Did you see him drop the mic after that rap battle?
2. By extension, to perform a decisive or impressive action. Dude just dropped the mic with that dunk!
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constant dropping wears away a stone

Success is earned through persistence and determination. My swing only got better after I started practicing it every day, so I guess it's true that constant dropping wears away a stone.
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Constant dropping wears away a stone,

 and Constant dripping wears away a stone.
Prov. Persistence accomplishes things. Jill: How did you get Fred to give you a raise? Jane: I just kept asking him for it every week. Constant dropping wears away a stone.
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drop like flies

Fig. to faint, sicken, collapse, or die, in great numbers like houseflies dying in a large group. It was a terrible year for the flu. People were dropping like flies.
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be dropping like flies

if people are dropping like flies, large numbers of them are dying or becoming ill or injured within a short period of time The heat was overwhelming and people were dropping like flies.
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drop a brick

Also, drop a clanger. Say something indiscreet, commit a social gaffe. For example, John dropped a brick when he called her by his ex-wife's name. [Slang; 1920s]
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drop like flies

Rapidly collapse, die, or drop out, usually referring to a group rather than an individual. For example, The words were so difficult that the spelling bee contestants were dropping like flies. The simile like flies has meant "in large numbers," as it does in this expression, since about 1600.
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drop a brick

and drop a bomb(shell)
tv. to reveal startling information. Britney came in and dropped a brick that scared us all. She dropped a bombshell when she told us she was married again.
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drop a brick

To make a clumsy social error.
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The bacterial dust from pigeon droppings can enter your home through AC units and contaminate food and cooking surfaces causing diseases like salmonella.
Artist Kerry Morrison laid manuscript sheets on the ground in Liverpool parks and let birds deposit their droppings, while composer Jon Hering has transformed the bum notes into a full musical score.
A letter sent to the school after the May 24 inspection reads: "Upon commencing a physical inspection of the kitchen and storeroom the officer immediately found significant accumulations of mouse droppings throughout.
If it is practical and safe to dismount and kick the droppings aside, a rider could choose to do so.
Pandas at the Chengdu Research Base produce about 200 tons of droppings a year.
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Built to survive Japanese bombs and missile attacks the Intrepid was having serious trouble surviving bird droppings," said Phil Waldorf, president of Bell Environmental Services.
Researchers in Spain have found a species of insect larvae that pass through the guts of migrating birds and emerge in the birds' droppings, unharmed.
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For centuries Japanese geishas have used processed bird droppings to lighten and smooth their skin.
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