drop out of

drop (someone or something) out of

something and drop someone or something Off to let someone or something fall out of something. She dropped the paper out of the window. Max threatened to drop Lefty out of the open door of the plane. I opened the window and dropped out the caterpillar.
See also: drop, of, out
References in classic literature ?
She tried to fling herself below the wheels of the first carriage as it reached her; but the red bag which she tried to drop out of her hand delayed her, and she was too late; she missed the moment.
Many young girls drop out of school to get married due to poverty.
The report also indicates that the main reasons that prompt students to drop out of school is truancy (36.
I strongly suspect this will evolve into just another avenue to encourage a few students to drop out of school.
If this makes sure they don't drop out of the system it has to be good thing.
HALF those who drop out of school aged 16 regret their decision to quit education for good, a poll found yesterday.
There is a significant proportion of patients who drop out of antihypertensive therapy prematurely.
Daring also noted that first-time ninth-grade students who drop out of school but return a year later are still counted as statistics in their original class.