drop off

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drop off

1. . Lit. [for a part of something] to break away and fall off. The car's bumper just dropped off—honest. I lifted boxes until I thought my arms would drop off.
2. Fig. to decline. Attendance at the meetings dropped off after Martin became president. Spending dropped off as the recession became worse.
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drop off (to sleep)

Fig. to go to sleep without difficulty; to fall asleep. I sat in the warm room for five minutes, and then I dropped off to sleep. After I've eaten dinner, I can drop off with no trouble at all.
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drop someone or something off

 (some place)
1. . Lit. to let someone or a group out of a vehicle at a particular place; to deliver someone or something some place. Let's drop these shirts off at the cleaners. Let's drop off Tom and Jerry at the hamburger joint.
2. Fig. to give someone or a group a ride to some place. Can I drop you off somewhere in town? I dropped off the kids at the party.
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drop someone or something off something

 and drop someone or something off
to let someone or something fall from something; to make someone or something fall from something. They dropped the feather off the top of the building. Jake dropped off a feather and it fell to the ground.
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drop off

to go to sleep I must have dropped off during the show, because I don't remember how it ended.
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drop off somebody/something

also drop somebody/something off
to leave someone or something at a particular place “Discovery” dropped off supplies and picked up an American astronaut who had spent four months on the space station. Parents drop their kids off at daycare early in the morning.
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drop off

1. Fall asleep, as in When I looked at Grandma, she had dropped off. [Early 1800s]
2. Decrease; also, become less frequent. For example, Sales have dropped off markedly, or Over the year her visits dropped off. [Early 1800s]
3. Deliver, unload, as in Bill dropped off the package at the office.
4. Die, as in He is so ill he could drop off any time. [Early 1800s]
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drop off

1. To fall off something: The box must have dropped off the back of the truck.
2. To cause something to fall off something: The hiker dropped the rock off the cliff's edge.
3. To deliver something to some place: Drop those DVDs off at the video store on your way home. We'll drop off the gifts at your house later.
4. To decline: Sales dropped off in December.
5. To fall asleep: The movie was so dull that I dropped off for a while.
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Drop off trees at the following locations from Dec.
Yard Sale Drop Off is the leader and pioneer of the eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY), home-based drop store industry.
There are a lot of drop off store operators that are appropriately concerned about the pending legislation nationwide.
In exchange for providing eBay drop off and consignment services to its customers, Net2Auction charges a service fee against the final sale price of the item.
Currently operating several drop off locations in California through partnership agreements with pack and ship retail centers, Net2Auction has a winning formula for success: we have no cost of inventory, we are undergoing rapid expansion, and we reap lucrative consignment fees while making our customers money.
With the staggering number of people who can't or don't want to sell those items on eBay themselves, we believe we are targeting a market with immeasurable opportunity by offering a simple five minute drop off service," Janovec concluded.
As auction drop off services such as Net2Auction are gaining the momentum that has been expected, industry analysts expect this exponential growth to continue.
Agoura/Oak Park/Westlake Village: Residents can drop off food, paper goods and toiletries through Friday for the Santa Comes to Agoura Program.
People could drop off their Christmas trees at a spot near the compost site through January.
for residents to drop off trash (except toxic items) for $10 a truckload at the Quartz Hill Grange, 41843 50th St.
Orbit Drop makes selling on eBay easy and convenient, giving customers the ability to simply drop off their goods and turn these items into cash.
They could drop off the tree and visit the zoo, and make it a family outing,'' said Durrell.
The intersection becomes congested during the morning and afternoon when parents pick up and drop off their children at Pinecrest and Sulphur Springs, that together enroll about 1,000 students.
With the current system of package drop offs that prohibits pack and ship retail store owners from opening and inspecting shipments charged to third party accounts, and the proliferation among the carriers of 'personal' shipping accounts, it's imperative that our industry take steps to educate our customers about the potential problems caused by the shipment of hazardous items," said Gale, who pointed out that dangerous items are not always easy to recognize.