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This shows that he really had fears that we were going to drive him mad.
He rejected that idea, feeling to what a degree of fury it might drive him, feeling that that fury might drive him mad.
The disposition to gloat over homicide was in that miserable creature in the studio, the potential Jacobin; in that confounded buyer of agricultural produce, the punctual employe of Hernandez Brothers, the jealous wretch with an obscene tongue and an imagination of the same kind to drive him mad.
An unfinished coffin on black tressels, which stood in the middle of the shop, looked so gloomy and death-like that a cold tremble came over him, every time his eyes wandered in the direction of the dismal object: from which he almost expected to see some frightful form slowly rear its head, to drive him mad with terror.
until Bradley thought those two expressions alone would drive him mad.
Yes, it might drive you mad if the house is a tip but it'll drive him mad eventually too.
Yes, it might drive you mad if the house is a tip, but it'll drive him mad eventually.
Eventually he breaks away from a life course that threatens to drive him mad, and marries a nursing student Abigail; yet as accustomed as he is to being an introvert, he must brave the difficulties of learning to love and express his feelings for God and his wife.