drive back to

drive (one) back to (someone)

To impel someone to return to someone else, such as a former lover or spouse. An intense feeling of longing during their trial separation is what drove her back to her husband.
See also: back, drive

drive someone back to someone

to force someone to return to someone, such as a spouse, lover, parent, etc. Her bad experience with her new friend drove her back to her husband. Being homeless was no fun, and soon Wally was driven back to his parents.
See also: back, drive
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The constable managed to drive back to Dungannon police station, County Tyrone, for help.
When people work in Los Angeles and get home, they don't want to get back in the car to drive back to the city to watch a show.
Next was Orlando for the tradeshow crap and nearer to the inevitable drive back to San Diego.
Now, our workers must drive 25 miles to pick up a truck, drive back to town and do a route, return the truck to the remote site, and then drive back home.
The kicking, fighting burros (the male "jacks" are particularly dangerous) have to be lassoed, corraled, and loaded into the trailer, ready for the long drive back to the Chontos' 20-acre sanctuary, which is now home to 40 burros.
The hand ventured west, then east, and then concluded the tour with a quaint 30-hour drive back to Regina.
Then he told her to drive back to the park, where waiting deputies heard her screaming for help as the car pulled into the drive.
The employee of the Autobahn pub in Dublin was leaving his car after work at 4am on Saturday when he was bundled back inside and told to drive back to the city bar.
The 25-mile drive back to the lodge in the dark is more than enough to take on.
Terrie was in town buying a swimming pool - the newest addition to their ``Casa de Luna'' lounge - and couldn't drive back to the house to get them out as police ordered an evacuation.
On the at-bat, Robertson hit a hard line drive back to Quintero, who was able to get her glove on the ball but could not hold on.
Then, at night, after Stevie gets off work from her job in the garden department at a local Home Depot, they drive back to Peg's place, feed the dogs again, and put them in for the night before driving home.
Wooten will drive back to Southern California today to see hand specialist Dr.