drive around

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drive around

1. To drive one to different places or sights. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "drive" and "around." When I visited my dad in Philadelphia, he drove me around and showed me all of the historical sites. I had to drive around my mom to six different stores until she found what she was looking for.
2. To drive through different parts of an area. Our neighborhood was so congested tonight that I had to drive around for half an hour before I found a parking space.
3. To drive aimlessly. Ever since Jack got his license, he spends most of his free time just driving around with his friends.
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drive someone around something

to transport a person in a vehicle on a tour of something or some place. Fred will drive you around the city to see the sights. He spent an hour driving himself around town.
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drive something around something

1. . to steer or propel something around something. Wally drove the small car around the post easily. Please drive your truck around the corner carefully.
2. to go in a vehicle through different parts of a place. He drove his new car around town, hoping everyone would see it. We drove the car around the parade route twice so everyone could get a good look at it.
See also: around, drive
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By Duncan Gibbons the M1 otherwise - but if fishermen are allowed to drive around the site then there is no reason to discriminate against any other user.
Terrified, she was made to drive around the city before being bundled into the back of her blue Y-reg Mercedes.
Worse are the wannabe urban hunters who insist on using a mobile phone at the same time they're trying to manoeuvre the kind of vehicle Rommel liked to drive around in North Africa.
We'd drive around in the car, he'd play `Heart of Glass,' and I'd sort of mouth the words, pretend to be Blondie.
I know many people who would like to see her drive around the piazza in front of St.
4, facing the basket, can now go one-on-one against his man or wait for #3 to drive around the triple pick set by 2-5 and 1.
Now, NATO members think it is sufficient for Europeans to drive around in tanks in central Bosnia and to threaten air strikes.
The destination of many of these drivers is Las Huertas Canyon, used to complete a loop drive around the mountains.
PAUL MANNING is hoping motorists will drive around cyclists rather than through them after leading England's clean sweep on the track.
Based on responses from 2,098 UK drivers, the survey found: 18% of motorists rush to overtake lorries because they feel intimidated and do not know how to adapt their driving around bigger vehicles; 21% are hesitant when they come close to a lorry, with 31% of female drivers feeling nervous next to a HGV; 7% of all drivers are completely clueless about how to drive around a large vehicle; 39% feel stressed and uncomfortable overtaking heavy vehicles on a motorway, and 13% worry about being pulled in by the draught created when passing big vehicles at speed; 70% would welcome driving test reforms to include training on how to drive around lorries and other large vehicles.
Some motorists drive around Britain using road atlases more than 10 years old, it was revealed today.
For the information of the many motorists who drive around with fog/spotlights on,it is against the law to do so in any other weather conditions other than fog or mist.
A MOTORIST waiting at a road junction in Coventry was hijacked by a gang who forced him to drive around the area before ordering him out of the vehicle.