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These despicable but irritating insects don't seem to have anything to do but to sit in multitudes on the sand, waiting for any prey Providence may send them; and as soon as the carriage appears they rise up in a cloud, and rush to meet us, almost dragging us out bodily, and never leave us until we drive away again.
And then we all laughed exceedingly, as though the most splendid joke had been made, and before we had done we were out of the village and in the open country beyond, and could see my house and garden far away behind, glittering in the sunshine; and in front of us lay the forest, with its vistas of pines stretching away into infinity, and a drive through it of fourteen miles before we reached the sea.
No drive is too long or difficult for the horses if I want to take it, no place impossible to reach if I want to go to it, no weather or roads too bad to prevent my going out if I wish to: to all my suggestions he responds with the readiest cheerfulness, and smoothes away all objections raised by the Man of Wrath, who rewards his alacrity in doing my pleasure by speaking of him as an alter Esel.
He is so used to them that he stops now at the right moment without having to be told, and he is ready to drive me all night if I wish it, with no sign of anything but cheerful willingness on his nice old face.
It is dark now nearly in the forest, and we shall have the loveliest moonlight drive back.
But it is surely very dangerous to let a man who goes to sleep drive you," said Minora apprehensively.
Today, users are able to protect their hard drive with password security which prevents access to the drive but does not encrypt the data itself.
Finally, the buyer must decide whether the drive should be internal or external.
Non-regenerative (1 & 2-quadrant) DC Drives: These are defined as digital DC drives with an input AC voltage between 110 Volts to 950 Volts (generally three phase), and they operate in all the four quadrants as a regenerative drive.
While RAID 5 and 6 are great technologies for balancing performance, cost and capacity, they are negatively affected by drive failures and extended array rebuild times.
With this mobility, road warriors, students and commuters can easily carry their data with them and can connect the drive to any computer through the USB port when they arrive at their destination.
Four wires are dedicated to communicating between the drive and the computer.
NCQ on a disc drive uses a similar approach to stage and move data commands with high efficiency.
Nonetheless, he predicts that breakthroughs in this area will enlarge brushless d-c drive offerings to 500 hp early next year.
During the '90s, DC drives were introduced, first as helpers for AC wound-rotor drives and then as independent drive systems," Jim Keck, president of Joliet Equipment of Joliet, Ill.