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To make their cities more drivable, almost half of survey respondents would favor improving the condition of existing roads, such as fixing potholes or repaving streets.
The creators also shared that in as much as Lego were stuff that even kids can easily play and invent something with, the drivable Lego car that they created was technically challenging.
We took in a bit of Virginia - all a drivable distance from one another.
We've made big improvement in terms of the speed and we have a drivable car as well, something we certainly struggled with last year.
The Plymouth is not drivable, and many of its essential parts and components are missing, Alexander said.
He claimed that c the car was not drivable as clutch had gone.
In BE-ttenberg tunnel are 1 drivable crossover (QS no.
Jones says research results reflect the demand for technology, sustainability, revenue-generation, and customer service that are converging to earn the industry new respect from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and every drivable place in between, as forward-thinking planners realize that parking matters to the design of more livable communities and to broader transportation issues.
The site was previously seen as economically inviable because of a 34-foot drop-off from its highest point, requiring extensive work to achieve drivable lanes and buildable pads.
The problem with drivable or rolling stock is loose gear can fall off and can injure a Sailor or damage the equipment.
From start to finish, the restoration project took a year and five months, and most of that time the car wasn't drivable.
It's open to the public and includes easy, drivable side trips to historic sites in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.
If the car's drivable, the customer can drive it to the shop and pick up the rental car.
Leading firefighter Geoff Roberts said: "The car was still drivable.
In a step toward alleviating Indonesia's serious air pollution problem, the country's State Ministry of Environment has mandated annual exhaust emission tests on all drivable vehicles.