drink down

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drink something down

to drink something; to consume all of something by drinking it. Here, drink this down, and see if it makes you feel better. Drink down this medicine.
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Although the chapter "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll" may make conservative readers spit up their martinis, they will no doubt smoothly drink down reverential (and debatable) assertions about the good old days such as, "[Under limited government], America had a vital culture that was rich in literature, art, philosophy, and music - richer and more vital, one might argue, than American culture today.
The language is universal; she puts the drink down and waves back.
A great reason for a drink down the pub with your pals.
Sheard concealed the drink down the front of his trousers and left the store.
I'll have a few yogurts and get some energy drink down me," The Sun quoted Murray, as saying.
People who drink too much should be the first to admit that ultimately it is them who pour the drink down their throats, not the off licences, pubs or bars.
However, if they've become lost in distant reverie and have a single silent tear of joy slowly rolling down their cheek, then it's fair to some sort of nostalgic hiraeth has regressed them to safer, happier times when the sight of Leonard Rossiter tipping his drink down Joan Collins' cleavage was by far the funniest thing imaginable.
Brand growth had been "pretty much flat over the past year" admitted commercial director John Allaway, with sales of the core Alpro Soya drink down 0.
After all we're talking about the types of blokes who'd pop out for a drink down Kensington High Street and wake up three days later on a beach in Monaco in just their socks and a Panama hat.
One child said of St Lawrence Park: "I feel unsafe in the park because there are loads of people who take drugs and drink down there.
And if he offered to buy you a drink down the pub you'd probably mumble some excuse about having to rush home because you've left the iron on.
Did someone hold him down and pour the drink down his throat?
Simply pouring drink down the drain is a waste of time.
Organiser Graham Smith said: "The celebration can be anything from a team-building sports day to a quick drink down the pub.
A GREAT way to cool your drink down - and perk it up - is to slice a lemon and freeze it.