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Keeping these simplified motor learning concepts in mind, each coach will be better equipped to design and administer agility drills that are movement-specific to the sport.
For example, a scripted role player calls the program office, "This is a drill.
Open-based drills draw more from what we call "neck-up" components -- components that require the athlete to see, hear, or "feel" specific cues and respond appropriately.
These drills are run at game speed with the coach stressing communication, extending the hands as a target for the passer, and the making of the layup.
The rig will then move about 25 miles to the north to drill the initial well on the company's 1,280 gross acre Saddle Prospect located in Harper County.
At this time the Company estimates that it will drill up to ten additional wells in Lions Field over the next two years including four wells to be commenced during 2005.
Two more drills will be deployed to drill both potential extensions and satellite geophysical targets at the Debarwa high-grade copper-gold-zinc deposit.
Table 1 summarizes results of five new drill holes at Canavieiras.
The Company plans to drill approximately 20,000 meters on the TNB exploration properties and in-fill and metallurgical sample drilling at the Bucko Deposit during the winter program.
On Block A, one diamond drill rig was mobilized to the eastern portion of the property, which began near-surface drilling on November 22, 2004, with the second drill rig scheduled to start January 15, 2005.
A drill platform has been prepared for a PQ size pilot hole for the planned decline in the Trinidad area 50 metres west of the Trinidad pit between section 597700 E with MQV intersections in TRD04-086 (2.
Subject to financing, Baffinland anticipates drilling will commence in the spring of 2005 with four diamond drills.
The company is preparing to drill this offset pending the outcome of issues before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.
We continue to drill deep holes at Boston, where we intersected high-grade gold values at over 1,000m below surface, twice as deep as in the last resource estimate.