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We've studied hard and Miss Stacy has drilled us thoroughly, but we mayn't get through for all that.
The manager has drilled us day in, day out on all our roles, what he wants us to do, and there are no grey areas for the lads out on the pitch.
He has drilled us day-in, day-out on all of our roles, what he wants us to do, and there are no grey areas for the lads when they go out onto the pitch.
For they, too, are chosen - for this, the most thrilling of away-days - and they have drilled us to within an inch of their collective sanity.
The manager's drilled us into a good team, with a good squad," the left-back replied when asked why he believes United have been able to turn around their away form.
The wells would be drilled us ing a mobile offshore drilling unit.
He drilled us like he would his pro teams and shared lessons that we would carry to this day.
We are a team that likes to move the ball and in wet conditions we did struggle to put phases together and teams drilled us off the park.
They (Maynard) drilled us in the first game, and they scored 32 points in the first quarter against us in the second game (in another loss)," he said.
Canyon almost beat Notre Dame (of Sherman Oaks), and Notre Dame drilled us.
FORTY YEARS AGO, SID GILBREATH, my favorite professor at Georgia Tech, drilled us on the time value of money in our course on Engineering Economy.
The instructors drilled us again and again: "When there is an explosion, stay put
He really drilled us from the front right to the back in terms of how we move and that's helped me because that's a large part of my game in the defence.
Expecting a good ratio of non-singers versus pros in the crowd that gathered at the Society for Ethical Culture Auditorium, music director Charlie Alterman drilled us with obligatory vocal warm-ups before leading us to practice runs in simple unison, as was originally planned.
The guys worked on their fitness during the break and since we came back the coaches have drilled us for over a month," he said.