drill down

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drill down (to something)

to bore downward to something or some distance. We drilled down to a layer of waterbearing sand, hoping to make a well. They had to drill down to bedrock to make a base for the piers that hold the building up.
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Next I begin to drill down to see the source of the numbers.
However, the general ledger cannot drill down to the transaction detail.
Top-to-bottom Traffic Analysis Co Enables network engineers to quickly examine Cisco NetFlow traffic data and drill down into the data to determine traffic by user, application, department, conversation, interface and protocol.
You can start with a high-level, Global or multi-site graphic, check order status for example and quickly drill down to site specific lot level data collection with a few clicks.
The dashboard presents graphs of the seven most commonly used reports - Top 20 Categories, Top 20 Users by Page Count, Top 20 Users by Spyware, Top 20 Sites, Top 20 User Groups, Category Comparison and User Group Comparison - so administrators can quickly identify anomalous network activity and drill down to address the problem.
Extreme drill-down: Click on any data point in any report and drill down to any level, all the way to individual call detail.
For example, an advertising executive for a financial services company can see a high-level summary of the results of a multi-channel marketing campaign and drill down to understand how effective each campaign tactic was in driving qualified leads.
With SigmaSure RMA Insight, our customers can pull together data from disparate RMA databases and quickly drill down to get a 'single view of the truth,' in terms of what, when, where and how failures occur.
For their instrumented applications, there is no way to drill down and find the cause of problems.
Available this month, key additions include deeper e-learning process integration, targeted learning from key performance indicators (KPIs), one-touch drill down from scorecards to schedule adherence, and the addition of an ad-hoc reporting data model for performance management.
To help customers manage and analyze the enormous amount of available information, cvPipeline has powerful tools and features that make it easy for customers to drill down into key details, or roll up to summary views.
LogLogic 3 r2 delivers enhanced security activity monitoring of IDS/IPS events from Juniper IDP, CheckPoint Sourcefire and Internet Security Systems SiteProtector and RealSecure to accelerate the time to resolution of security incidents through instant drill down from an IPS event to log archives.
According to a RevenueDashboard customer in the Southwest, "We can drill down to analyze trends which assists us in determining the cause of any net loss.
With Virtual Manager technology, roles can be assigned to users in a granular manner, so help desk administrators, for example, can view just alerts but not drill down for more details.