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Murray Polner and Jim O'Grady note that, as in so many other 1960s organizations, "the movement's women were the first to drift away from the ultra-resistance movement.
The crowd began to drift away soon after the 12:01 a.
When I was forty-five I lay for hours beside a pool, the green hazy springtime water, and watched the salamanders coupling, how they drifted lazily with their little hands floating almost aimlessly in and out of the shadows, fifteen or twenty of them, and suddenly two would dart together and clasp one another belly to belly the way we do, and then would let go and drift away again at peace, lazily, in the green pool that was their world and for a while was mine.
When the couple returned to Washington, they did drift away from party politics, but Sylvia remained an underground member.
To get away from it all, residents can simply drift away in a luxurious bedroom with double bed and en-suite shower room, stream the latest shows on their 32-inch flat screen TV, or whip up a feast in their very own kitchen.
Wharfedale is a tough place to go, but we have five games left and we are determined not to let our season just drift away.
WONDERLAND When I come home From work all tired and weak I close my eyes and try to sleep I hear a voice as I drift away Come on grandad it's time to play There's aliens out there We have to slay Up I jump light sabre in hand And off we run into Wonderland Oh no, I think we're too late The aliens are climbing over the garden gate All of a sudden there's an almighty din Our Jamie is battling Darth Vader bin I've won, I've won I hear him shout As he gives the bin another clout Then we hear a sound we both dread Come on James It's time for bed.
SEXY Sinead Noonan and Avril Kelly let all their cares Drift away yesterday.
Its former workers may now have no choice but to accept their factory has gone, but that does not mean their memories will fade or their bitterness and gloom at its departure will drift away.
A lot of high school players drift away between the ages of 13-17.
Catherine Harris told of the heartbreaking moment she had to let one of her dead sons drift away.
We often drift away from the concept of the connections between humans and their total environment, and, in doing so, we inappropriately narrow our perspective.
Among the major critical turns and counter-turns, several stand out: Dryden signals a "gradual drift away from the prejudices of the age" (27); Hurd, influenced by French "method," redefines the critical "rules" (65); Beattie initiates a "new understanding of decorum" (80); Dowden's application of an Aristotelian "hermeneutic method" to Spenser (134) recalls Hurd even as it sounds a death-knell to the aestheticism he fomented; Greenlaw's resolute historicism in the service of cultural progressivism "might be regarded as an early version of ideology critique" (165); Berger lends Spenser criticism a "new and sustained intricacy of argument" (179).
We must not drift away from the humble works," she says, "because these are the works nobody will do .