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Thercuum DPD3 (thermal conduction plus vacuum pressure) dries resins in under an hour, cuts energy costs by 50%, reduces mold maintenance by eliminating harmful films, and occupies up to 50% less floor space than a conventional desiccant dryer.
New infrared rotary drum dryer dries and crystallizes PET resin and PCR in one operation using about 1/3 the energy of conventional desiccant systems.
Prior to Gateway, van den Dries was the COO for SportBrain, a wireless consumer fitness company, where he built a retail sales organization and channel consisting of 2,000 storefronts.
Company's new LPD (low pressure drying) vacuum dryer uses vacuum to accelerate resin drying and dries materials in one-sixth the time of a desiccant dryer.
If the cluster dries prior to stuccoing, the coating will not build up the required strength.
The LPD 100, sized for small extruders and injection presses, dries up to 100 lb/hr or as little as 15 lb/hr.
High-performance desiccant unit dries LCP at -80 F dewpoint.
Mach I microwave dryer, which dries plastic from within.
Desiccant Central Dryer (DCD) - Dries one or more granule materials to less than 0.