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cut and dried

fixed; determined beforehand; usual and uninteresting. (Can be hyphenated before nominals.) I find your writing quite boring. It's too cut and dried. The lecture was, as usual, cut and dried.
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1. if a decision or agreement is cut-and-dried, it is final and will not be changed Although a deal has been agreed, it is not yet cut-and-dried.
2. if a subject, situation, or idea is cut-and-dried, it is clear and easy to understand The human rights issue is by no means cut-and-dried.

cut and dried

Ready-made, predetermined and not changeable. For example, The procedure is not quite cut and dried-there's definitely room for improvisation. This expression originally alluded to herbs for sale in a shop, as opposed to fresh, growing herbs. [c. 1900]
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Dried plums help slow/prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women.
Portable DCS drying/conveying system processes 15-220 lb/hr and utilizes company's Micro Dryer or Dual Tower Dryer and a closed-loop, line purging, conveying system o supply dried material directly to machine.
The first and second flakes were dried at 150[degrees]C, one at a time.
Potato chips can be flavored with dried herbs or spices for a quick holiday appetizer.
For example, if sheets are to be ironed, they shouldn't be dried completely.
Stir in the lentils, bay leaf, ginger, dried herbs, and remaining 2 cups water.
Contains information on four categories: rice, dried pasta/noodles, dessert mixes and dried ready meals
The theory was used to investigate whether the strength reduction when paper is made from previously dried fibers, compared to never dried fibers, is due to the introduction of serious defects, such as kinks, into the fibers during drying.
But we're looking out for suspicious activity because the hot weather has dried everything out.
They cook in about 5 minutes, and with the addition of vegetables and tofu cubes or dried beans, they're a meal in a pot.
In the high-temperature dry kiln, wood is dried with overheated steam at temperatures up to 130[degrees]C.
Compared to silicon aerocrystals dried by evaporation, which showed heavy cracking, the specially dried crystals revealed no cracks when examined with electron microscopes, both scanning tunneling and scanning transmission, Canham and his colleagues report.
If material is not properly dried when it exits the hopper, make sure the hopper is large enough to provide sufficient effective drying time.
Strong inter-fiber bonds formed in Condebelt drying delayed disintegration of fibers in the early stage of disintegration, but there was no problem in disintegrating the Condebelt dried linerboards.
Korean ash squares, 66 mm thick and 100 cm long, to be used for baseball bats were dried in a radio-frequency/vacuum (RF/V) kiln and a conventional kiln to compare drying times, shrinkage, checking, and absorbed energy in impact bending.