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I am sleeping in wee dribs and drabs but I never get a full night's sleep.
A1/2We wanted to be sure that we don't just talk about these in dribs and drabs.
Starting at the Fuad Shehab Sport Stadium the crowds made their way along a designated route around town and arrived in dribs and drabs approximately
But if you also have dribs and drabs of income coming in from other sources, then if the worst happens you'll at least have those dribs and drabs.
Mum Angela says she buys the children's school items in dribs and drabs as it is best to start early to ensure you can get the sizes needed Picture by PETER BENN; THREE TIMES THE COST: The Clarkes, Peter and Angela with youngsters Joel, left, Luke and Olivia
I have said before that if it is needed, it should be shut completely for work instead of the dribs and drabs that has been going on.
We are getting allocated dribs and drabs of liP Sauce but it is nowhere near back to normal," he said.
We were just fed dribs and drabs over about three years.
Since the 1990s it has done dribs and drabs, and made the place disjointed.
It's that time of year when we're struggling to keep warm, but our spirits are high because the shops are starting to get dribs and drabs of spring merchandise in.
So far, all we've seen is allegation after allegation coming out in dribs and drabs.
Springs and WestPoint will get the bulk of it, but dribs and drabs will be parceled out to companies from here to Karachi.
Hughes is set to name his squad for the game tomorrow, and Hartson said: "Hopefully we can get a full-strength squad down there and not just dribs and drabs.
By dribs and drabs we get the pieces of a larger picture that can seem ominous.