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window dressing

1. literal A decorative display in a window, typically the window of a store. When my mom and I go shopping at Christmastime, we always check out all the pretty holiday window dressings!
2. figurative Something that makes a person or thing look or seem better than it really is. To me, this new policy seems like window dressing to woo new employees. You say that you've changed, but how do I know it's not just window dressing to make you seem like less of a jerk?
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dress someone down

to bawl someone out; to give someone a good scolding. The drill sergeant dressed down the entire squadron for failing inspection. I'm really late. I know my parents will dress me down when I get home.
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a harsh scolding. The boss gave the entire sales crew a powerful dressing-down for missing their forecast.

dress down

to wear informal clothes I dress down if I know I'm just going to be moving boxes of documents at work.
Usage notes: often said about wearing informal clothes at work
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dress somebody down

also dress down somebody
to tell someone angrily what they have done wrong She dressed him down in front of a large group of his co-workers. He dresses down players on their performance in the games.
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dress down

1. Scold, reprimand, as in The sergeant will dress down the entire unit. In the 15th century the verb dress alone was used in the sense of "punish," down being added several centuries later. It also gave rise to the noun dressing down for punishment with blows or words. For example, The teacher gave the girls a severe dressing down.
2. Wear informal clothes, as in It's best to dress down for a party like a barbecue. [Mid-1900s] For the antonym, see dress up.
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dress down

1. To scold or reprimand someone: The teacher dressed down the students for arriving to class late. My parents dressed me down for being rude.
2. To wear informal clothes, befitting an occasion or location: I dressed down for the casual party.
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Wrestlers and other athletes who undergo drainage of an auricular hematoma benefit from the use of a comfortable, thin dressing that easily fits underneath their protective headgear and allows them to return to their activities quickly.
We ignored any dressing with more than 200 milligrams of sodium or 3 grams of saturated fat in a two-tablespoon serving.
said the advantages of acrylic dressings are better for clinicians, patients and the payor.
VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): flour tortillas, BRC burrito without cheese, pinto beans, corn on the cob, cucumber salad, spiced apples, guacamole, hot sauce, salsa, Italian dressing
clients, the level of participation in some social activities (especially going shopping, eating out, and going to a movie) was negatively tied to the importance placed on physical comfort, freedom of movement, price, ease of dressing and care, and positively tied to fashion and fitting in with group.
However, their inherent drawbacks--longer cycle time and shorter life--have resulted in an increasing use of rotary diamond dress rolls for forming and dressing grinding wheels.
Pricing has been established to more closely reflect the reimbursement levels of these dressings, currently a serious issue for wound care providers attempting to cover costs while still providing optimal care through the use of antimicrobial silver dressings.
Martindale Pharma Introduces Drawtex Absorbent Wound Dressing II-42
Peel says that a variety of flavors and textures are important - items such as garbanzo beans, diced radicchio, Belgian endive (for contrast of flavors, colors), diced, firm ripe tomatoes (to avoid an overly juicy, messy and diluted salad), fresh soy beans, grilled corn kernels, diced red onion and julienned strips provolone, capocolla or salami - and some good Greek oregano dressing.
The fluid management properties--fast wicking, high absorbency, and high evaporation--are collectively known as 3M Total Fluid Management and are found in all solutions in the 3M foam dressing line, including 3M Foam Adhesive Dressing-Heel Design.
3) Several new dressing materials have been marketed and are frequently used.
Look at it this way: The average woman aged 19 to 50 gets more fat from salad dressing than from any other food.
is proud to announce the introduction of its latest dressing which is designed to be used by oral surgeons and dentists following tooth extractions and other oral procedures.
Girls will be dressing up in white symbolizing purity.
Anyone who has been on a public high school campus in recent years probably has an idea of what dressing ``like that'' means.