dress as

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dress (up) as (someone or something)

1. To wear clothing or accessories that cause one to look like someone or something else. My daughter plans to dress up as Cinderella for Halloween.
2. To outfit someone or something in clothing or accessories. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "dress" and "up" or "as" (if "up" is not being used). I have a friend who really enjoys dressing her dachshund as different historical figures.
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dress (up) as someone or something

to dress in the manner of someone or something. l am going to dress up as a ghost for Halloween. Larry will dress up as the pumpkin from Cinderella.
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Thus, like social actors, the state changes dress as well.
Dress as means of authenticating social categories, legitimating and contesting authority, and as means of the producing and reproducing values(11) is a central component of my argument.
Studying dress as a whole category has also the benefit of moving the hijab away from the religious/Islamic domain to the political domain.
The use of dress as disguise, or as a way of "passing" (that is, of pretending to be a member of a different ethnic or cultural group to avoid discrimination), is most obvious in big urban centers such as Cairo and Alexandria, where state-society interpenetration is greatest.