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drenched to the skin

To be completely soaked with water—usually rain—through one's clothes. Come in out of that rain! Oh, you're drenched to the skin, you'll catch cold if you aren't careful!
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drench in

To cover or saturate with something (typically a liquid). A noun or pronoun can be used between "drench" and "in." I forgot my umbrella today and got drenched in the rain. You can always count on Bill to drench his pancakes in syrup.
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drench someone or something in something

 and drench someone or something with something
to soak someone or something in something. A sudden summer shower drenched them in sheets of rain. My raincoat was drenched with droplets from the foggy night air.
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The rainfall to come will see South Wales drenched by 30mm on Friday and, along with Mid Wales, a further 15mm on Saturday, while today will produce 15mm in the North.
They were also forced to sit in cold water, forced to take cold showers and drenched outside with buckets of cold water.
He activated the pump, causing a gush of petrol which drenched Mr Atkinson's legs.
The trial went on to examine lamb performance from the treated ewes which were drenched at eight weeks with 7.
If the mold faces or cavities are drenched, experienced technicians know that blowing air across the face of tooling is the preferred method and will actually pull water out of cavities, acting as a venturi.
Sometimes we are knocked over and drenched by its power.
Many a time I've had a late bowl of Special K drenched in ice-cold milk, but on Thursday I thought it would be wise to opt for a bowl of brown sugar drenched in ice-cold Coca Cola.
There are doomy (think Sabbath) moments, but cut with tasty Deed Purple riffs drenched obviously in Pink Floyd progressive nectar and mixed with psyche-enriched Beatle-juice .
In the name of all merciful God-Allah-Jehovah--amid great misery and loud lament--the land was drenched with blood.
The super-fit ex-Spice Girl drenched her handsome military chaperone Wing Commander Mark Smith with sea water as she larked about in Oman's 40 degree desert heat.
Tropical Storm Allison, which drenched parts of eastern Texas, Louisiana and other states with as much as 32 inches of rain in early June is expected to cost insurers at least $1.
El Nino has drenched Peru and eastern Africa, while drying out Indonesia and southern Africa.
in her exclusive photo portfolio - It's all Anna Nicole Smith wet and wild, drenched in sun and powder sugar sand.
CORONATION STREET Mon, Wed, Fri ITV1 If any more dirty water came flooding through the ceiling and into the back room of the Rovers, it wouldn't be a plumber that a drenched Stella and Eva would need to call out, but Noah himself.
Sandy drenched the impoverished country's south with more than 50 centimeters of rain in 24 hours.