dream away

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dream something away

Fig. to waste away a period of time having fantasies. I just want to sit in the sun and dream the day away. Don't dream away your life!
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We can dream away about how we'd like to play the game of rugby but the reality is, in the modern game, if you don't get the contact area right you can dream all you like, it's fantasy, fairytales won't come true.
Thanks to one innovative hotel chain, however, your dream away trip doesn't have to bust your pocket for months on end.
The first time that I heard an explosion, I was 11 years old, when a militant Boko Haram was still a fanatic's dream away.
WOOD Lyn Our dearest Mum, there is no more pain for you to fear, so dream away and rest my dear love always, David, Patricia, Molly Rose, and Susan xxxx YEMM Paul Passed away Monday May 7th.
Say hello to our Dad for us Mam, we love and miss you both every single day, always remember you're only ever a dream away.
As hundreds of travelling supporters celebrate their side's 4-0 trouncing of Leeds United, they hold their shoes aloft in delirium at a dream away win.
I literally told myself in my head, `Come on, you're giving your dream away,'" Harper said.
They seem to dream away the winter days wondering what they can do to us next.
The 'Pride of Wales' is adamant he is the only person who can take that dream away.
With the sound of the water lapping against the boat, it was easy to dream away to Misty Morning Blues.
That way, black woman, With the heat of your body Like a fountain of delirium I want to sleep And dream away.
He hopes to follow people in weight-loss programs to see if they can literally dream away the spare tire.
So, please tell me, why didn't the guy go back to sleep, and dream away this pathetic idea of changing names of their baseball team?
Undiminished strength and clarity of fingerwork informed a triumphant account of Brahms' F minor Sonata, Kissin bringing a sense of fantasy and forward impulse to leaven the work's strenuous rhetoric where real time seems a dream away.