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I dread to think

It is too worrying or unpleasant for me to think about something that might happen or might have happened. I dread to think what my boss will say when I tell him I lost our biggest client.
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I shudder/dread to ˈthink (how, what, etc....)

(informal, often humorous) I am afraid to think or ask myself about something, because the answer might be terrible or unpleasant: I shudder to think when he last had a bath.‘How much more work is there?’ ‘I dread to think!’
See also: dread, shudder, think
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I'm dreading the moment when my sons ask me how babies are made," she added.
We are dreading it, waking up in the morning without our boys.
But 75-year-old Mrs Moore who lives close to the house Lloyd shared with partner Diana Rimmer said villagers were dreading his return.
ERIC BLACK is dreading having to tell players they have no future at the club.
It is the fans of Holland, Norway, Macedonia and Iceland who will all be dreading a trip to Hampden in this mouth-watering campaign.
I was dreading the worst and I wanted some private time alone with my wife before surgery.
I am dreading the day when I leave because I don't think I would ever work for another manager who I would get on so well with.
IRISH actor Gabriel Byrne said he is dreading making his new film about a shipwreck - because he can't swim.