draw the line at

draw the line at doing something

also draw the line on doing something
to decide you will not do something I love vampires, but I draw the line at attending some silly Dracula convention. Where to draw the line on treatment for people who are dying is a decision made by patients, their families and their doctors.
Usage notes: often used to say you will not do something because you think it is wrong: I'm a loyal employee, but I draw the line when I am asked to do something I think is wrong.
See also: draw, line

draw the line at something

if someone says that they draw the line at a particular way of behaving, they mean that they do not do it because they think it is wrong or too extreme I know I swear a lot but I do draw the line at certain words. I like a beer or two as you know but even I draw the line at sitting in a pub on my own and drinking.
See also: draw, line

draw the line at

Refuse to go any further than, as in I draw the line at giving them more money. This expression alludes to a line drawn at a stopping point of some kind. [Late 1700s]
See also: draw, line
References in classic literature ?
He was quite sure that even Dango would draw the line at such filthy tasting drink as that, and his contempt for man increased with the conviction.
I rather draw the line at encouraging that sort of immorality.
I simply draw the line at speaking Spanish in a business that is on U.
But I draw the line at the sort of stuff I heard during the Falkirk game.
However, we must draw the line at sanctifying, honoring and legalizing.
We do, however, draw the line at professional wrestling and brown-nosing foreign dictators," Murdoch said.
Government officials say that converting them to hotels, restaurants or private homes is perfectly fine, though they would probably draw the line at turning them into giant video-game parlors.
Congress must draw the line at current programs that already provide ethanol with extremely generous subsidies.
But we draw the line at banning off-duty police from local lounges.
Ahmanson is arguing that while Washington Mutual's charter allows it to expand savings and loans acquired with government assistance, the OTS should draw the line at the thrift absorbing another thrift twice its size.
However, I draw the line at promoting a celebrity who deems homosexuality a sin.
OK, I draw the line at Big Brother--and I'm ashamed of my sneaking weakness for I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here