draw off

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draw something off (from something)

to remove a portion of a liquid from something; to cause something to flow from something. The steward drew some wine off from the cask. He drew off some wine.
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The lower chamber is vacuum vented to draw off fines when the upper door is closed, preventing dust from escaping.
If the HMOs stick to their current practice of selecting the healthiest patients and rationing care, they could set their premiums competitively low, draw off patients, and ultimately kill off the traditional Medicare system.
Vigorous dust collection can also draw off bond before it has had a chance to be mulled in;
T-Fal's president and CEO, Andre Hottlet, told a press gathering last week that the name change will allow the company to draw off the stronger brand awareness of its cookware in the U.
After the account has reached this balance, the camp can draw off earned interest to award camper scholarships using similar guidelines as for ACA's Camper Scholarship Program.
He says Alaska Aquaculture already has a permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to draw off 490 million gallons per month.
Locating a new Home Lending Center in Cleveland allows us to draw off the energy and momentum of the new and improved Quicken Loans Arena and the Cleveland Cavaliers," he continued.
At one time he was considered to be an Ascot Gold Cup horse so, given a fair draw off the same mark, Wells looks a good each-way bet at 20-1.
Hospital district officials have said they fear that the new private hospital will draw off patients with insurance, leaving Antelope Valley Hospital caring for a higher percentage of patients unable to pay for their treatment.