draw forth

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draw something forth

to pull something forward or where it can be seen. Carl drew a booklet forth and began to show it to the people sitting on either side of him. She drew forth her pocketknife and threatened the bandit.
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References in classic literature ?
But we who deal in private character, who search into the most retired recesses, and draw forth examples of virtue and vice from holes and corners of the world, are in a more dangerous situation.
Indeed, there were melancholy sights enough in the streets of Boston to draw forth the tears of a compassionate man.
Rise, happy morn, rise, holy morn, Draw forth the cheerful day from night.
Smith remarked how in the coming decades it will take "an army of scholars" to draw forth the richness of the late pope's work.
I personally believe the Mass has lost much of its sense of reverence with the new liturgy, but this is not as much a result of the new liturgy as it is the responsibility of the clergy to draw forth that sense of reverence and awe.
Thus, if we Seek only to draw forth the hidden sweet, In all the varied human flowers we meet,
The prominent Elizabethan herbalist John Gerard noted in his 1633 Herbal, or General History of Plants that Dioscorides described the fern polypody as having the "power to purge and to draw forth choler and flegme," and that it was "very good for members out of joint, and for chaps betweene the fingers.
He declared that divine Providence always imposes a limit on evil, and that there is no evil from which God cannot draw forth a greater good.
Against such a backdrop it is not surprising that the arrival of a person with genuine interest in and respect for Aboriginal people would draw forth such a deluge of passionate and productive activity.