draw battle lines

draw (the) battle lines

to clearly show the differences between two ideas or opinions Churches generally draw battle lines over moral issues.
Usage notes: often used in the form the battle lines are drawn: The battle lines are being drawn between many patients and their health-care providers.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of battle lines (the positions of two armies prepared to fight)
See also: battle, draw, line
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The question whether Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will weather the storm hangs on the mind of every Pakistani as the government and its opponents draw battle lines for a showdown on Thursday.
A MEETING to draw battle lines against high-speed rail plans through the Midlands has been called.
Either way the coming election will draw battle lines between public sector workers, benefit scroungers and Labour diehards against the rest of us.
THE Conservative Party's fight to win election seats in North Wales began yesterday as David Cameron arrived to draw battle lines across the region.
Plans to deal with the growing black hole in the nation's finances have dominated political debate over the summer, with Labour and the Tories seeking to draw battle lines ahead of the general election.
A VALLEYS community is preparing to draw battle lines as concerns mount for the future of its 420-pupil senior school.
The entire Edmonson family will draw battle lines today when UCLA plays host to USC at Drake stadium.