draw aside

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draw someone aside

to pull or steer someone aside. The teacher drew Bob aside to have a word with him. Harry drew aside someone he could trust and expressed his fears.
See also: aside, draw
References in classic literature ?
An effort to draw aside the curtain of his conch was in some degree successful, although rendered difficult by the pain of his wound.
The lady in the coach, amazed and terrified at what she saw, ordered the coachman to draw aside a little, and set herself to watch this severe struggle, in the course of which the Biscayan smote Don Quixote a mighty stroke on the shoulder over the top of his buckler, which, given to one without armour, would have cleft him to the waist.
He became steady again: he could calculate his distances: he could put his hands through the hollowed place, and draw aside the light curtains, hanging from the hook in the ceiling over the head of her bed.
He was asking me to draw aside the curtain from the window, and to open the casements.
Meanwhile, if they can draw aside the veil shading the future, why hasn't Russell or one of his mates ever come up with a Eurolottery jackpot?