drape in

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drape (someone or something) in (something)

To loosely place something over someone or something. We draped the couch in a sheet to keep it from getting damaged in the move.
See also: drape

drape someone or something in something

to wrap or cover someone or something in something. They draped her in golden silks, but she still looked like a country girl. They draped the tables in polka-dot cloth for the party.
See also: drape
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The use of sterile gowns and drapes in the operating room has been a standard infection control practice to prevent SSIs, because they act as barriers to bacteria that are shed by the patient or the surgical team members into the open wound during the operation.
A Review of SingleOUse and Reusable Gowns and Drapes in Health Care.
Hogy Medical is the top producer of gown/drape products made of nonwovens and is the only company allowed to use DuPont's Sontara material for gowns and drapes in Japan.
tend to be used for gowns and drapes in Japan, as they demand very high barrier performance.
While offering some general purpose drapes, a majority of the drapes in the Proxima family are designed for a specific surgical specialty.
WE are writing to express our disgust at the pornographic drapes in Church Street.
The emotional turmoil aroused by the hanging of a set of new drapes in the main living-room of the institution was never entirely credible nor dramatically viable'.
If one pieces together various important strands of McIver's narrative--his unhappy marriage, his fantasy of somehow sharing a child with Meg Rinehart (later, as they discuss Stevie's designs for the drapes McIver tells Meg they could show Stevie 'we're different--good parents'), his virtual estrangement from his own family home--then the drapes in this therapy scene start to connote, through their overt domestication of the clinical environment, his own sense of loss for all this domestic contentment.
or less off the floor - like the drapes in our photos.
With the penetration rate of nonwoven surgical gowns and drapes in the Japanese market estimated at roughly 20%, Hogi Medical's nonwovens business is expected to continue to grow strongly.