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dragon lady

derogatory slang (sometimes capitalized) A woman who is or is seen to be ruthlessly powerful, domineering, or manipulative. Named for the villainess in the comic strip Terry and the Pirates (1934–46), who was known for such traits. Outside of work, we call her the Dragon Lady for the way she bullies anyone and everyone who is lower than her on the corporate ladder. My uncle is married to a real dragon lady—all she does is yell at him and boss him around.
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feed the dragon

1. To outsource business or jobs to China. A reference to the Chinese dragon, a long-established symbol of Chinese culture and mythology. With labor-law pressures and costs so much lower in China, it's no wonder more and more manufacturing firms are choosing to feed the dragon rather than pay for workers at home to do the same task.
2. To purchase or sell products that are made or imported from China. Everything that store sells is marked "Made in China." I'd rather not feed the dragon, so I buy my equipment elsewhere.
3. To devote or contribute an undue amount of resources, time, or energy to a self-perpetuating pursuit, situation, behavior, or desire. His addiction had become so severe that he sold everything he owned to keep feeding the dragon. The country's leaders enlisted every able man to feed the dragon of its war of expansion. We're brainwashed from a young age to continue feeding the dragon of consumerism.
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sow dragon's teeth

To do something that inadvertently leads to trouble. The phrase refers to Cadmus, a figure in Greek mythology who killed a dragon and, on instructions from Athena, sowed (planted) its teeth. The soldiers that grew from the teeth fought each other until only a few remained. A: "Why did you invite Joe, my sworn enemy, to this party?" B: "Listen, if I had known that I would be sowing dragon's teeth by inviting Joe, I never would have done it!" I guess I sowed dragon's teeth when I complained about my neighbors being too loud because now they won't talk to me.
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tickle the dragon's tail

To do something risky or dangerous. You know dad has a temper, so why are you antagonizing him? Stop tickling the dragon's tail unless you want to be grounded for weeks! Rob is definitely tickling the dragon's tail with his new interest in skydiving.
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chase the dragon

slang To smoke a controlled substance, often heroin. I can't chase the dragon anymore—I'm trying to get away from that stuff.
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dragon lady

A domineering or belligerent woman, as in They called her the neighborhood dragon lady-she was always yelling at the children. This slangy term was originally the name of a villainous Asian woman in Milton Caniff's popular cartoon strip Terry and the Pirates (1934-1973), which ran in many newspapers. It was transferred to more general use in the mid-1900s.
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chase the dragon

take heroin (sometimes mixed with another smokable drug) by heating it in tinfoil and inhaling the fumes through a tube or roll of paper.
Chase the dragon is reputedly a translation from Chinese. The expression apparently refers to the undulating movements of the fumes up and down the tinfoil, resembling those of the tail of a dragon, a creature found in many Chinese myths.
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sow (or plant) dragon's teeth

take action that is intended to prevent trouble, but which actually brings it about.
In Greek legend, Cadmus killed a dragon and sowed its teeth, which sprang up as armed men; these men then killed one another, leaving just five survivors who became the ancestors of the Thebans.
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chase the dragon

tv. to inhale opium fumes through a straw, or similarly with other drugs. (Drugs.) Harry thinks that chasing the dragon sounds like real fun.
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n. the penis. (see also drain the dragon = urinate.) I think he’s in love with his dragon.

drain the dragon

tv. [for a male] to urinate. (see also dragon = penis.) Bobby? He went to drain the dragon.
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got the dragon

Having bad breath. Hear the monster bellow, and if you're close enough to smell what's coming out of its mouth, you'll have the picture.
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